“Patrick Higgins, recent winner of a Certificate of Merit for Tone from the Violin Society of America , is a talented luthier who produces beautiful sounding violas of great quality and workmanship.  I am very happy to recommend his violas to any performing violist or teacher who values the unique and beautiful viola sounds that are the trademark of this skilled instrument maker, Patrick Higgins.”

Dr. Marilyn Seelman – Violist, Conductor, and Teacher – Atlanta, Georgia

“This instrument possesses a deep, rich tone allowing a performer to produce a lot of various shades and colors. It is a resonant and discriminating player whether in solo, orchestral or chamber repertoire. His craftsmanship is beyond reproach as well.”
Ilya Kaler – Concert Violinist – Professor of Violin at Depaul University

“I have recently played on two violas completed by Patrick Higgins.  Both instruments are excellent examples of beautiful craftsmanship, and are remarkable for their tonal evenness and clarity.”
Paul R. Frankenfeld – Associate Principal Viola – Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

“I feel lucky to play on Patrick Higgins’ viola, I fell I have found an instrument that meets all of my expectations…I knew it from the very first note I played! Patrick’s viola has a rich sound and a variety of timber and colors from which my playing benefits.”
Raul Fauré – Fauré String Trio